Shirley of Hollywood

Shirley of Hollywood is genuine glamour - makers of corsets and fine lingerie since 1948.
Years of experience combined with young design is the hallmark of Shirley of Hollywood. The collection counts more than 250 different styles, and offers something for every taste in lingerie. It spans from soft silk robes to the most sexy lingerie outfits.
Corsets and Bustiers are Shirley's cornerstones - a fantastic selection in many colours and fabrics - and with a styling embracing both inner- and outerwear occasions. Shirley is much more that just underwear. CONTACT us NOW for more glamour!

Shirley style 29510 - lovely retro lingerie set - Shirley NOUVEAU Shirley style 25982 - naughty girl corset lace up front Shirley style 20409 - classical bady doll - underwire bra Shirley style 25234 - genuine glamour baby doll with bra
Shirley style 20439 - super sexy satin chemise Shirley style 20509- Glamour lingerie retro chemise Shirley style 25953 - gorgeous red corset for all occasions Shirley style 29069 - new young shirley design - sweet biker bitch corset


Shirley of Hollywood has more than 300 styles of thrilling glamour lingerie to choose from

Contact us to the whole package. And, remember that Shirley Holiday lingerie is there

every fall with tons of stylish, sexy and naughty underwear, including Chrismas fun,

party dresses, corsets, sweet baby dolls - all to make the Holiday season even more cosy.

Shirley of Hollywood from Sweet Dreams Lingerie Groothandel, more than just naughty underwear!